For the past few years, I have been an automotive service technician, I suddenly have made a new decision at age 30. I realized that it was the greatest pleasure of my life to explore and learn new things all the time, and decided to study abroad to the United States.

Seattle, USA is cradle of Amazon and Microsoft which are known for everyone, so it was the perfect place to learn Computer Science. After done ESL and Associate of Science degree Computer Science for two year, I began my career as a Developer here.

In 2018 now, computer-related jobs are highly fragmented and combined with other industries, and it is creating a tremendous synergy. Data Science, the convergence of mathematics and computers, is growing fastest.

Because I love and respect mathematics, I am on my way to the goal of being a Data Scientist with the conviction that I could be the best in this field. I would also like to take the lead in realizing fully autonomous driving technology of which all automakers dream, as a person who is enthusiastic about automobiles.